Fall River Carousel

The Fall River Carousel was carved by the Philadelphia Toboggan Co. in 1920 and is listed as Carousel #54 on the company records. It was operated for more than 60 years at Lincoln Park near Fall River, Massachusetts not far from where I was raised. 

The most delightful part of summer was the time spent riding this wonderful carousel. 

The Carousel has recently been restored to its original condition and is housed in its own Victorian pavilion on the city waterfront. 

I was very happy to help with the restoration by painting "portraits" of three of the beautiful hand carved horses and one of the colorful chariots. Reproductions of the paintings were sold by the Fall River Carousel Co. with the proceeds going to the restoration fund. 

The Fall River Carousel is now a major attraction for thousands of people visit It's also a major attraction for a lot of local residents, both young and old, who remember the fun of spinning around on what is considered an outstanding example folk art...to live and play in a work of art is a privilege not many people have. I'm glad I had that privilege and I'm happy that the Fall River Carousel is spinning merrily for future generations.